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Limbic Reflexology was developed by Hamish Edgar, who lives and works as a Reflexologist in South Yorkshire. Hamish has worked all his life in the field of mental health and when he discovered the first limbic reflex area in 2011, he began to develop a reflexology approach to mental health problems. Limbic Reflexology is the result of this work.

He has been teaching Limbic Reflexology in the UK, for the past three years. Limbic Reflexology Website to go to the Limbic Reflexology website

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Limbic Reflexology is concerned with the Limbic brain networks. These networks monitor what’s happening both within our body and what’s going on around us and in response to the constant state of change in those environments, they are concerned with regulatory processes aimed at maintaining balance or homeostasis.

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The limbic brain generates emotional, physiological and behavioural responses, and as such, is responsible for generating our range of emotional responses, determines our experience of pain, facilitates learning and memory processes, and generates the motivation that underpins our behaviour responses.

Where there is a temporary or ongoing disruption of the limbic networks, the natural homeostasis is not achieved. The networks may become oversensitive, as in some chronic pain conditions or in the case of chronic fear and anxiety our alarm system becomes hypervigilant.

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People often seek help from reflexology for chronic , unexplained and difficult to treat conditions, including chronic pain. Limbic Reflexology treatments aim to help in the restoration of the natural homeostasis.

Limbic Reflexology is not a stand-alone therapy but will form part of an overall treatment. All of the limbic reflex areas are found in the big toes so expect your reflexologist to concentrate their time on this area of your feet.

Treatments typically last between 45 and 60 minutes and usually a minimum of six treatments will be required.
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Taking Back Control - Benefits of Limbic Reflexology

This is a talk on the benefits of Limbic Reflexology for those living with a chronic pain condition.

This will be a similar format to the presentation I gave to the West Lothian Fibromyalgia Support Group back in January 2017.

If you are dealing with Fibromyalgia, or another chronic pain condition why not come along to see how Limbic Reflexology could help you.

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