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Helping you to Re-Balance
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At Balance-4-Me-Reflexology (B4MER) we specialise in helping anyone who may be living with chronic and/or emotional pain, like Fibromyalgia.

If you are seeking relief from pain we can help you by using a specialised form of Reflexology which connects the brain networks that underpin many disabling conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression and much more. 

Working with B4MER you will feel better equipped at managing your condition, it will put
YOU in control NOT the “condition” controlling you

Based on feedback from current / previous clients, we have developed a package that has helped our clients
(see Part 1 video below) achieve some or all of the following benefits:

* Reduction in pain
* Reduction in Anxiety and Depression
* Reduced Stress
* Increased energy
* Improved sleep pattern
* Improved mood
* Feeling more in control
* Feeling better equipped at pain management

Limbic Reflexology is particularly suitable for Fibromyalgia and M.E./CFS In this first video you will see an Interview with a client of B4MER with Fibromyalgia who had a course of Limbic Reflexology and the benefits she achieved

Second Video - In this video you will see a friend of the client (from Part 1) talking about the affects of Fibromyalgia on his friend and then the differences he has seen in her after a course of Limbic Reflexology

So... Are you ready to take control ? YES

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Understanding Pain in Less than Five Minutes

What is Reflexology

My Toolkit

Below are some resources many of them free which previous / current clients have found useful. Any feedback would be welcome.

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Meditation Resources
Click on the picture to the right to go to a document which lists some meditation tracks of varying lengths and times when they may prove useful

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Doctors agree that over 75% of health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Reflexology could be one of the ways you might employ to ease the stress in modern life.

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