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Kinetic Chain Release Testimonials

M.M.L - Birmingham

After surviving a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage 8 years ago, my busy, fun, creative, artistic & exciting life changed in an instant.
The main after effects were, partial paralysis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), chronic head & backache, issues with sleep pattern, overactive bladder & severe memory problems. The knock on effect of all this has been the fact that I lost my ability to be creative, creating art had been my life's therapy. This was where depression took hold... I subsequently became overweight & a pretty miserable person to be around, even I was sick of myself...

Marcia offered to travel all the way to Birmingham to support me with KCR, I was a little sceptical to be honest, as many therapists over the years have promised various improvements with my conditions, still yet to be seen...
As soon as Marcia gently placed her hands on my ankles, she asked me "did you realise that 1 of your legs is about an inch shorter than the other", I was totally blown away, as I've never told anyone about that, & no other therapist had ever detected it.
"Ok Marcia", now my spirit immediately engages in the process...

I now sleep well, eat right, drink plenty of water, take a little exercise & am looking & feeling GrEaT ☺️ Although I still have some pain, it's not constant & much easier to manage, thus enabling me to really enjoy my life, family, friends & especially really enjoy having my 2 beautiful Grandsons.

Marcia, I can never thank you enough for giving me back the most beautiful parts of myself, my love for life & my creativity. Plus now there are only a couple of millimetres difference in my leg lengths👍
Mind, body & spirit therapy is what I received & I can't wait for my next session!

Laura T - Edinburgh

Marcia is an excellent practitioner of KCR. She is caring , knowledgeable, empathetic and very professional. I attended sessions with her because of general stiffness in my joints and my body being out of balance due to a knee injury. I found KCR to be most beneficial in alleviating my symptoms and making me feel more balanced and supple.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Marcia as a first rate KCR practitioner.

Limbic Reflexology Testimonials

A.E - Edinburgh

I was initially recommended to Marcia through an article on Fibromylgia and as I had exhausted every other avenue (over the last 4 years) I decided to have a consultation with Marcia to find out more about Limbic Reflexology. From our initial meeting Marcia reaches out and offers support on many levels. She not only works on the physical issues but delves deep and works on the emotional aspects of dealing with chronic pain. I have suffered from a back condition for over 20 years, and Fibromylgia for 4 years and had spent years trying many alternative therapies in an attempt to gain some quality of life and some release from constant pain.
I did 8 sessions, 2 per week with Marcia, and in this short space of 1 month she has transformed my life!
I had to do my part too, daily mindfulness exercises go hand in hand, completing daily sheets on your symptoms/ progress alongside Marcia hands on treatment.
Marcia has given me my life back!
Now, if I was reading this..... I too would be sceptical, surely it's nothing short of miraculous! You are right, it is!
I don't fully understand how I am sitting here today with no Fibromylgia symptoms and very little back pain. The depression caused by constant pain has disappeared, my medication has been dramatically reduced, pain killers are all but a distant memory and I actually remember what I have done throughout the day now.
I'm starting to plan going out, accepting invitations, not declining things because of not knowing if I can cope pain wise........ it's amazing this new lease of life I've got... and that's down to Marcia and her wonderful healing powers.
She's an absolute angel......... I have so much to thank her for, she truly doesn't understand the wonderful gift she has...... I for one do.
If you are in chronic pain, with no where else to turn..... go see Marcia. I can highly recommend you do. She could change your life too.

M.M - West Lothian

I met Marcia at the West Lothian Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting in January where she was giving a talk on Limbic Reflexology. After listening to the the talk I decided to try this one final chance to get help. I spoke to Marcia and asked if she you help. So I put myself in her hands and I am glad I did.
I signed up for the 9 weeks course of Limbic Reflexology. Marcia also arranged for me to meet Marie Dandie from a Nutritional Therapist. The 9 weeks consisted of me learning a hand relaxation routine, which I did daily in between visits. Marcia worked on my feet easing up my stiff joints. This treatment also helped with my depression, as I was a very anxious person which did not make things easy for me.
At the same time as Marcia was giving me reflexology, Marie was helping with my diet. Between both these ladies help I am feeling 100% better. Thank God for these two lovely ladies

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L.R - West Lothian

I went to Marcia for a course of Limbic Reflexology for fibromyalgia. I was in constant pain and very depressed and anxious. From my very first treatment there was a significant decrease in my pain, depression and anxiety. I could get out of bed without having to use the furniture to support me and I was able to do so much more than previously, before I needed to rest.

Throughout the course of treatment my pain levels continued to decrease and my mood continued to lift, it was nothing short of miraculous! I felt as though I had been given my life back and I have subsequently been able to walk much longer and more easily.

There sadly is no cure for fibromyalgia but thanks to Marcia there is a relief from the constant pain. Added to this is the fact that Marcia is such a nice lady, so reassuring and welcoming. Thanks to her I have a better quality of life than I have had for many, many years.

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S.N - West Lothian

Marcia really helped me through some tough times with my chronic pain. Not only is the method very effective but Marcia herself is such a beautiful person who gives off so much positive energy. I highly recommend a visit to see for yourself…you will not be disappointed

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L.M - West Lothian

I have had my first experience of reflexology with Marcia. Its very relaxing, and Marcia provides a very friendly, thorough & professional service, really pinpointing and working on any specific problems you may have with pain, anxiety etc. As I have a long term chronic condition, I was concerned about this causing an increase in pain levels, but Marcia has been excellent in adapting treatment around this which has really enabled me to feel more comfortable with decreased pain levels after each treatment.
I have also taken part in a training course run by Marcia in Functional Relex Therapy to use with my son who has autism to help with his anxiety, which he thoroughly enjoys. My son doesn't have a lot of language, but this is not the barrier i thought it might be, as Marcia teaches the techniques needed to encourage and engage most children.
I wholeheartedly recommend Marcia both for the FRT training course, or to anyone thinking of having Reflexology either to reduce pain, anxiety or relaxation.

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M.M - Falkirk

I have had a course of treatment with Marcia to help me deal with my fibromyalgia. The result was that my symptoms decreased greatly and I was feeling much better. Fibromyalgia can't be cured but with Marcia's care my symptoms were allieviated and I had a better quality of life. Am happy to recommend Marcia, was a great experience all round

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G.A - West Lothian

Thank you Marcia for my treatments. I feel Marcia has spent time getting to know me, resulting in very relaxing and beneficial sessions. I have felt that your treatments have contributed positively to my over all health and well being. Thank you! GA

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Functional Reflex Therapy Testimonials

F.S - West Lothian

Realising the ability touch has to calm and relax an individual without invading personal space. Marcia explained and demonstrated the technique in a simple but informative way

S.H - West Lothian

It's very easy to do and very calming to the person receiving it as well as yourself

L.M - West Lothian

I have also taken part in a training course run by Marcia in Functional Relex Therapy to use with my son who has autism to help with his anxiety, which he thoroughly enjoys. My son doesn't have a lot of language, but this is not the barrier i thought it might be, as Marcia teaches the techniques needed to encourage and engage most children

Reflexology Testimonials

C.T - West Lothian

I first met Marcia when her son started at the nursery I was employed with, the nature of the job involved a lot of lifting and over the 13 years I was working there, my Lordosis of the spine got progressively worse.
Marcia had qualified as a reflexologist but still needed case studies and when she offered me a place I was happy to accept.
Not having had reflexology before I was delighted the difference it made, not just on my back, but on my whole outlook on life. When the pain worsens on physical activity my body now fights the pain, with rest, quite quickly, whereas prior to reflexology it took sometimes days before the pain lessened.
I'm also happy to say over a period of time ( 6 months to a year ) I have gradually weaned myself off the strong painkillers I was having to take on a regular basis.
Marcia is able to tell me my problem areas through my feet on each visit even before I tell her !
I look forward to my visits to Marcia, and have to try hard not to fall asleep during the session, as they are so relaxing.
If you have not tried reflexology before, I can thoroughly recommend Marcia..... she cares, she listens and does her utmost to help you.

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C.M - West Lothian

I have been having reflexology once a month for the past year and can honestly say it is the most relaxing hour of my month. I always leave feeling refreshed and as if I am walking on air. I have seen an overall improvement in my mood which has improved my overall wellbeing and my confidence levels.”

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D.F - Birmingham

Wow - As someone who likes a good massage and is no stranger to alternative therapy even I was surprised. I am a keen gym member who 18 months ago was diagnosed with on -set arthritis in my left knee. This resulted in a very swollen leg preventing me from being active. Marcia offered to give me some reflexology treatments....... and no the arthritis as not gone, however the swelling reduced, the pain subsided and I was able to return to the gym, taking it easy of course but still able to resume exercise. I would thoroughly recommend a course of reflexology to anyone who wanted to look at other options to help manage their pain.

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J.T - Elite Level Boxer, Birmingham

I am currently an Elite amateur boxer on the fringe of representing Great Britain. During my training camps I have tried many treatments to help my body recover from the daily rigorous sessions.
My first treatment was a sport’s massage it allowed my body to ‘pull out’ major bruises, but it took up to three days for my body to fully recovery which wasn’t good enough.
I needed a treatment which would enable my body to recover during a 24 hour period, so I could continue to perform at a high level the next day.
It wasn’t until I was competing at the University National Championships where I had to compete for three days in a row; after the first day my legs were very heavy and my shoulders were extremely tight that I was told about reflexology. I didn’t know about this amazing treatment until I tried it out for myself.
I got my first reflexology treatment from Marcia straight after my match, she gave me a thirty minute treatment, however it was only two minutes into the treatment were I started to have an outer body experience, I was so relaxed it was close to meditating straight after the treatment I fell asleep and when I woke up all my aches and pains were gone. This is the reason why I now have reflexology on a regular basis. I fully recommend it for anyone who feels tight physically and mentally in their daily life.

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